Carol Gwen Kiefer

986 Swayze Avenue, Washington Crossing, PA 18977


Principles and Functions of Educational Management



Term dates are 9/09/20 to 6/18/2021

 Zoom lessons are 30/45 minutes or 1 hour. Lessons are online until further notice.

2 weeks are reserved for make up lessons in December, June, or when convenient. Zoom lessons can have great flexibility, however the lesson week is from Wednesday to Friday. Holiday weeks are Thanksgiving, Christmas week to January 6th, Spring break, and the week before Memorial day.

There are five 2-month billing cycles in the 2020–2021 school year. Your invoice will reflect the number of lessons per cycle. A $50 registration fee is billed annually. I will send invoices before the cycle via Washington Crossing Violin & Viola Studio (MTH). I accept checks payable to CAROL KIEFER, cash, or PayPal+fee.

Please remit promptly. I can't teach lessons for which I haven't been paid. Your understanding is appreciated. Lessons will continue once your payment is received. Make sure your payment arrives no later than the first lesson of each cycle. If your bank draft won’t arrive in time please let me know. A late fee (1% of amount due) will be added after 10 days.

Groups, masterclasses, and studio recitals may be a possibility online or outside (weather permitting). More on that to come.

ATTENDANCE There are no refunds for missed lessons, except in cases of serious health or family emergency. I will do my best to reschedule sick-day Zoom lessons Wednesday through Friday.

STUDIO CONTACT Since I can’t easily take calls during teaching hours, text me or leave a message on my home phone before you will be absent to avoid its cost, for which you are responsible.

STUDENT & PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES are listed in the Washington Crossing Violin & Viola studio policy (on the Music Teachers Helper website). Read and keep on hand should you have future questions.

MY RESPONSIBILITIES are to work with you to provide music instruction targeted to your child’s needs in the Suzuki Method from my knowledge and experience. Email me your weekly practice goals - good and not so good - so we can work together in a cohesive manner. I appreciate your thoughts and expertise.

I understand and accept the Studio Policies by signing below:


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